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Mid-Grade Chapter Books
Picture Books
  • 35 Strategies for Guiding Readers Through Informational Texts
  • 40 Strategies for Guiding Readers through Informational Texts
  • Chapter 4: Move Beyond Textbooks
  • CSLA Journal: Magical World of Readers and Writers
  • D.I.Y. Make It Happen: Art Show
  • D.I.Y. Make It Happen: Babysitters’ Club
  • D.I.Y. Make It Happen: Bake Sale
  • D.I.Y. Make It Happen: Band
  • D.I.Y. Make It Happen: Basketball Tournament
  • D.I.Y. Make It Happen: Dogwalking Business
  • D.I.Y. Make It Happen: Fantasy Football League
  • D.I.Y. Make It Happen: Haunted House
  • D.I.Y. Make It Happen: Magic Show
  • D.I.Y. Make It Happen: Organic Garden
  • D.I.Y. Make It Happen: Scavenger Hunt
  • D.I.Y. Make It Happen: Training Course
  • Magic, Myth, and Mystery: Bigfoot
  • Magic, Myth, and Mystery: Dragons
  • Magic, Myth, and Mystery: Hydra
  • Magic, Myth, and Mystery: Unicorns
  • Magic, Myth, and Mystery: Vampires
  • Magic, Myth, and Mystery: Werewolves
  • Magic, Myth, and Mystery: Witches
  • Magic, Myth, and Mystery: Zombies
  • Nailed It! Extreme BASE Jumping
  • Nailed It! Extreme BMX Freestyle
  • Nailed It! Extreme Cave Diving
  • Nailed It! Extreme Cliff Diving
  • Nailed It! Extreme Downhill Ski Racing
  • Nailed It! Extreme Flyboarding
  • Nailed It! Extreme Kite Surfing
  • Nailed It! Extreme MotoGP
  • Nailed it! Extreme Parkour
  • Nailed It! Extreme Rock Climbing
  • Nailed It! Extreme Skateboarding
  • Nailed It! Extreme Skydiving
  • Nailed It! Extreme Snow Skiing
  • Nailed It! Extreme Snowboarding
  • Nailed it! Extreme Street Luging
  • Nailed it! Extreme Tight Rope
  • Nailed it! Extreme Trial Biking
  • Nailed It! Extreme Ultra Running
  • Naited It! Extreme Ice Cross Downhill
  • Naited It! Extreme Mountain Climbing
  • Odd Jobs: Acupuncturist
  • Odd Jobs: Big Animal Trainer
  • Odd Jobs: Bounty Hunter
  • Odd Jobs: Ethical Hacker
  • Odd Jobs: Food Stylist
  • Odd Jobs: Ghost Hunter
  • Odd Jobs: Mortician
  • Odd Jobs: Odor Tester
  • Odd Jobs: Parade Float Designer
  • Odd Jobs: Pet Food Tester
  • Odd Jobs: Sound Effects Artist
  • Odd Jobs: Tattoo Artist
  • Paper Son: Lee’s Journey to America
  • PoPo's Lucky Chinese New Year
  • Quantity and Quality: The Need for Culturally Authentic AAKidLit
  • Splash! Discover Bottlenose Dolphins
  • Splash! Discover Great White Sharks
  • Splash! Discover Hammerhead Sharks
  • Splash! Discover Sea Turtles
  • Text-Based Questioning (TCR Article)
  • The Jade Dragon
  • Virginia is Cover Editor and Book Nook columnist for THE CALIFORNIA READER.
  • Wild Wicked Wonderful: Biters
  • Wild Wicked Wonderful: Dads
  • Wild Wicked Wonderful: Daredevils
  • Wild Wicked Wonderful: Defenders
  • Wild Wicked Wonderful: Disguises
  • Wild Wicked Wonderful: Eaters
  • Wild Wicked Wonderful: Horrors
  • Wild Wicked Wonderful: Moms
  • Wild Wicked Wonderful: Oddities
  • Wild Wicked Wonderful: Predators
  • Wild Wicked Wonderful: Stinkers
  • Wild Wicked Wonderful: Venom

Coming December 2016, a new book about Chinese New Year from Sleeping Bear Press: POPO’S LUCKY CHINESE NEW YEAR!


Coming Spring 2017, 28 more books from Cherry Lake/45th Parallel Press – More monsters, extreme animals, DIY projects…and two new series about gods & goddesses and engineering feats!